Implementation Plan (SA)

The implementation of the New Youth Program is a 3 year project in South Australia.

This plan sees the New Program being implemented in clusters of Groups, with training, resources and support provided along the way.



10 Pioneer Groups in South Australia introduced the new Program and provided feedback



  • New Program launched at AJ2019
  • February onwards - SA Rover Units implement the new program
  • May 2019 onwards - New Program Groups selected and roll out new Program.
  • Group roll out plan for 2020 developed and publicised.



  • Staged roll out of new program across SA to capture all remaining groups.
  • Aim to have all Groups transitioned by end 2020 or first quarter of 2021.

Implementing the New Program

Implementing in Scout Groups is one part of the new Youth Program implementation.

Other aspects of this project include

  • Plan > Do > Review implementation
  • Youth Leading, Adults Supporting development
  • Promise and Law roll out
  • Increasing Adventure project
  • YPR Promotion
  • Branch policy update
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Outdoor Skills development
  • Program Updates
  • Pioneer Groups
  • Pioneer Groups Review
  • De-commissioning the old program
  • Resources review
  • Group life
  • Branding
  • Support elements